Monday, October 5, 2009

XM 73 ... how I love thee...

So this morning I had a bunch of mundane errands to run - you know, dry cleaning, groceries, miscellaneous little stops. It's a gray, drizzly, rainy day and I just didn't feel like running around in it. Anyway, I've been listening to my Nat King Cole and Dean Martin Christmas CD at home, in part because I love Christmas music (I know, it's a bit early) and I just plain love that era's music. So... I'm in the quiet car when I think - hey, XM - you got any of that Frank Sinatra type music? That's when I discovered XM 73 ... Frank's Place! I could have run errands all day listening to Beverly Clooney, Bobby Darin, Harry Connick Jr ... Nearly heaven, I tell you.

Image via New York Public Library's Digital Gallery


  1. Very cool! If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can create a Frank Sinatra Pandora station. It's a great mix!

  2. I saw the link for that - how awesome!? But I'm a bit of a technological moron - so I was going to wait until my teenager got home - to walk me through it. :)

    And I wish I had an iPhone...

  3. that is so cute! you are awesome :) ps. you can do pandora on your computer, too. it's SO easy, your teenager can show you how in just a second (or honestly, you could just go to -- it's super easy) -- and i'm a tech-phobe too! :)

  4. I'm reading through the comments and ready to jump in and do the pandora on the computer! I love old Blue Eyes..& any of the music of that era!