Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mine. All mine...

Seeing Double (above)
Medal of Honor (below)

Look at my latest Etsy purchases!! I'm beyond thrilled with these beautiful necklaces from Hannah at Yes You Maigh. And no lie, when I pulled the package from the mailbox, I was giddy with excitement ... ripping into the package before I had even stepped into the house. I found her shop last week - I think while I was browsing treasuries. (To be honest, her pretty little avatar made me click. Loving the hair. Aren't I lame?) She had them packaged beautifully in little craft boxes tied with twine - with some extra, handcrafted goodies thrown in - and mailed in a recycle-able mailer (made of 90% recyled content and plastic free).

By the way - you have to read her descriptions as well. They are very storylike, with a wonderful bit of humor. (Read Medal of Honor here, and Seeing Double here.)

By the way, Hannah has an equally delightful blog: Yes You Maigh (be sure to click on the link for her gorgeous wedding photo's!)
and a vintage housewares shop on Etsy, too: Mother Maigh I

The gorgeous, portrait style photo's (top of each collage) are by Jon Chandler Photography (or find him here on facebook, or here on flickr).


  1. Pretty! I love discovering new Etsy artists!

  2. Those are lovely!


  3. Lovely pieces! Her descriptions are hilarious. What a clever and talented gal!

  4. very classy, love the photos. so professional, too! wow, i don't even know what treasuries are! aaah