Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama ...

Although widely debated throughout the media ~ I must say that when I heard that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, my heart just swelled with happiness, inspiration and joy.

Huffington Post's coverage
New York Times coverage


  1. you are right - it was such heartening news to hear...!

  2. I felt the same way! I also had a glib little moment when I thought "suck on that, crazy right wing pundits". What, who said that? ;)

  3. I swelled a bit too. This was a surprise, for sure, but I think it's the perfect acknowledgment of how drastically the country has changed in the past year.

  4. It is a heartening news, but I suppose I can see why many Americans are also shocked by this award.


  5. I just want to know why he received it? I don't question that when he has served for a couple of years that he won't be deserving, but why now? It makes it too controversial or something.