Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lisa Leonard Designs...

Where to begin? Several months ago, I was introduced to the beautiful pieces created by Lisa Leonard over on a couple of my favorite blogs (Joanna's and Melisa's). Her family crest pieces really had me all aflutter ... although I could seriously take home nearly everything in her online shop. Anywhooo, a few months ago, she purchased an item from my shop. (wow!) Unfortunately, as I was preparing the item for shipment, I noticed a problem with a button - and for the life of me, could not find a replacement for it. I was stumbling all over myself trying to make it right - eventually deciding to issue a full credit -- then mailed her item to her, along with a note explaining my unfortunate oversight. (oy vey!) A few weeks passed when an unexpected little package arrived in my mailbox - showing a return address belonging to Lisa Leonard. Oh my... the box was far too small to contain her item (if she was upset with me and returning it). What could it possible be?

Oh. My. Gosh.

So incredibly lovely! I was completely stunned. Who would have imagined? So completely kind, gracious and generous.... and totally unexpected. The epitome of "paying it forward", in a sense. (And by the way, I get compliments on it every single time I wear it. I love it!)

In addition, one of the things that really drew me to Lisa's work even more, was her blog! It is a visual treat for the eyes and fantastically inspiring on SO many levels. She is one amazing woman - and a wonderful mom.

Top six images via Lisa Leonard Online.


  1. Her jewelry is lovely! I love how delicate it looks, but the pieces all still seems like bold little statements!

  2. Oh wow - I love her stuff! Thanks for the tip on such a creative artist.

  3. Thank you for posting these beautiful pieces of jewelry. I'm absolutely smitten with the necklace with the xo charm and the little bird. How I would love to wear that every day!