Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kate Spade and the best email campaigns ever

I don't know about you, but my email inbox is completely out of hand. However, no matter how bad it gets, I will never unsubscribe from the Kate Spade emails. (I actually save them online in a special little "inspiration" folder.) They are absolutely delicious in so many ways. Cheeky, fun, cheerful, nostalgic and glamourous! And if you've never peeked behind the curtain, you really must go take a look. Loads of inspiration, free desktop wallpapers, information on their charity events and projects, NY in Spades shows you around the city, and "the things we love" section has loads of links to other fabulous websites.

Speaking of glamour, as in old-school, I really liked this post.

(photos: via Kate Spade)


  1. People like you and the sanfran girl make the world a more beautiful space. I love your sense of style and delight with style. It is a gift.

  2. oh my... you are far too kind!! (... which is one of the reasons I love you so.) I continue to wish I had your gift of eloquence with words. I can get wrapped up in your blogs for hours. Literally.

  3. Kate Spade's ads are in a class above the rest -- the colors are perfection and I love.love the little storylines!

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