Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kitchen Towel love ... and a bit of profanity

So I'm reading the "Orange You Lucky" blog today... she mentions there is a sale at BlueQ tied to her blog. A sale! I'm always up for a sale! So I click the link and I. am. in heaven ... there are all kinds of smart and smart-assed goodies ~ and so reasonably priced. (How come I had never heard of this shop before?) So here's a short list of my favorites:

Please Shut the Hell Up dish towel ... $9.99

Rise and Shine dish towel ... $9.99

I Adore You dish towel ... $9.99

And last, but not least ... Douche Bag chewing gum $1.25 ... peppermint flavor ... nice to meet you. So is it just me, or maybe it's a regional thing (or worse, I'm watching too much South Park) ... is the phrase "douche bag" enjoying a resurgence in popularity? (and just so you know... they also have packages in these "flavors" as well: Ass Kisser gum, Beyotch gum, Shut the Hell Up gum, Let's Pretend I Give A Shit gum, and F&ck It gum.)

And with that, have a lovely weekend folks!
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  1. Can you buy the first one in bulk?

  2. OMG!!!! LOLOLOL!!! i adore you!!! im a little late here but u had left a comment on my blog and u thought i was awesome so i had to come over here and check u out... kitten, i am liking what im seeing!! thats it ur my bff we have to call each other 90x a day!!!

  3. Is is bad that I'm more taken by the first towel than the second?

  4. Ha, ha! The top towel is hysterical!

  5. Would it be inappropriate to gift that 1st towel? (I have a few people in mind...) I know. I'm terrible.