Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kindred ... "Wallpapered Together"

Have you heard of this lovely collaboration between Holly of Decor8 and Heather (Ez) of Creature Comforts? They've created Kindred. It's their way of promoting and supporting independent artists ... with free downloadable note cards, postcards and desktop wallpapers. Their most recent update is the "Wallpapered Together" series, "Summertime theme: the five senses", with all of the featured artists using the current Pantone color forecast for Spring 2009. (They also have an archive of the previous season's Wallpapers!)

(image via Kindred)
(found via YellowGoat)

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  1. Oh my, they even have ones from Alicia Bock -- her stuff is just amazingly lovely!!

    A.B. lives in the same city that I do too!! I've often hoped that if B. and ever get around to wedding planning, I could hire her as a wedding photographer -- wouldn't that be just dreamy?!