Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Currently coveting...

transitive verb
1 : to wish for earnestly

I love this dress. Strapless, pleated Chloe dress. Found on Net-A-Porter. Was $5,425. Now... $2712.50. Beautiful. Although, waaaaay out of my league.

Now. This probably won't happen, but I have a hankerin' to bust out some gorgeous vintage chiffon fabric I have in storage - and try crafting something along these lines.

Unless I find $2700 in the sofa cushions.


  1. Oh I love this too! And I thought Anthropologie's prices were too high:) It's funny, that dress is as much as my 1998 Saturn. You should definitely try to recreate something like this. I'd be quite interested in what you'd make!

  2. lol, I will keep my fingers crossed for you...hopefully you will do the same for me!

    Lovely dress!!!